samedi 29 octobre 2011

How to: Tempest Keep: The Eye

The Eye is known to be a beautiful instance. Bosses ther drop a lot of gold, and Kael'thas can be farmed for the epic phoenix flying mount.
For each boss, you will need to clean the room.

Gear: 0/5
Strategy: 1/5

Use a ferocity pet with dash on manual cast.

Phase 1: Get on the ledge and dps Al'ar. When he switches platforms, use your pet's dash. Feign death to get rid of the little phoenix, or kill it. If he goes high into the air, jump down.

Phase 2: Once Al'ar is down, go to the middle of the room and wait for its rebirth. Dps the boss while avoiding flame patches. Once he meteors, kill the little phoenixes and resume on the boss.

Gear: 1/5
Strategy: 2/5

Using Drums of Forgotten kings works wonder here - damage will be greatly reduced.

When she's alone simply dps her while standing close to your pet, as to avoid it despawning when you are thrown into the air.
When she summons her adds, misdirect and feign death. Once all adds are on your pet, kill them with multi-shot. When she reappears, kill the priests and return to the boss.

Phase 2 is a tank and spank.

Void reaver
Gear: 0/5
Strategy: 1/5

There are two ways to kill him:
With sufficient gear, you won't ever need to heal your ferocity pet (fox works best). In that case, simply tank and spank without avoiding the orbs.

If not, run around him in a large circle.

Gear: 2/5
Strategy: 4/5

Phase 1: Use any pet you wish.
Kill Thaladred and Sanguinar in the southern end of the room, and Capernian as near as possible to her spawn point.
Dps Telonicus to 50%, then wait for his remote toy. If it's on your pet, finish him after putting a frost trap on the cosmic infuser's spawn point. If it's on you, finish him when he's the debuff ends.

Dismiss pet and summon a remote toy- free Tenacity pet. Get ready for phase 2.

Phase 2: Feign death to have all weapons attack your pet. Pop dps cooldowns and kill the melee weapons first (but not the shield), then the cosmic infuser (if the trap failed, kill it first). Then, kill the staff, loot it, equip it and use it. Finish the bow and dps the shield while the advisors haven't rezzed.
If your dps is too low to dps the shield, it can be frost trapped through phases 3,4 and 5.

Phase 3: Misdirect Capernian to your pet. Send your pet on Sanguinar. Run around to avoir Telonicus's bombs and Thaladred's melee hits. Stay 30 yars away from Sanguinar to avoid his fears.
When Capernian uses conflagration on your pet, feign death. Finish her, then kill Sanguinar to get rid of the fears. Thaladred comes next.
If you have time, dps Telonicus. Just prior to his death, or to Kael'thas's activation, dismiss your pet and summon a ferocity one. While between one of the two statues and the wall. Quickly finish telonicus if you can.

Phase 4: Misdirect the boss on your pet, interrupt his fireball, then get out of his line of sight.
He will sometimes yell "obey me" or "bow to my will": if you are in line of sight, you will be MC'd. If not, you will get 30 seconds of dps time, and the possibility to heal your pet (note: if done well, you can put your pet between the northern foot of the statue and the wall, and it may put you in a position where you can heal your pet without being in Kael's line of sight).
Stay within 30 yards of your pet. If you are too far and it's disoriented, feign death to get the boss back on your pet.
When a phoenix spawns, kill him then destroy the egg.
Avoid the 120K damage from the flamestrike.

When Kael'thas uses his shock barrier, he will use 3 pyroblasts in a row, and no MC. Dps him, and use a mend pet just after the third before hiding out of his line of sight.

At 50%, he goes in phase 5.
Phase 5: no MC, dps him as much as you want. When you are in the air, avoid at all costs the violet orbs and their tentacles: they reduce your stats.

vendredi 28 octobre 2011

How to: Tier 4 level 70 raids

It was soloable at level 80, and is trivial at level 85. The only danger is Malchezzar's infernals when he reduces you at 1 hp.

Magtheridon's lair:
Once a fast way to gain 500 gold, it has now been nerfed to 50. Still gives an achievement and a head, though.

Gear: 0/5
Strategy: 2/5

Pull the 5 adds, and misdirect them to your pet. Feign death to avoid the trash aggroing you. Then, kill the adds one by one. To do that, dps an add to 70% while maintaining a full focus bar, the taunt him and run away from the others, out of range from their heals. Your target will try to heal himself once below 50%. Interrupt and finish him. Rinse and repeat until all adds are dead.
Then, tank and spank Magtheridon.

Gruul's lair:
Gold nerfed here once again.

Gear: 2/5
Strategy: 2/5

Send your pet in, and kill Blindeye immediately by using all of your dps CDs. Interrupt his heals. Once he is dead, kill the rest.
The hound can be useful to have attacking you because he will break sheep.

You can also try to maul Maulgar down faster than Blindeye will heal him. Requires good gear and a bit of luck with all the crowd controls going on.

Gear: 0/5
Strategy: 0/5

Tank and spank.

mercredi 26 octobre 2011

How to: Temple of Ahn'Quiraj

The temple of Ahn'Quiraj can be farmed for Brood of Nozdormu and Cenarion Circle reputation.

The prophet Skeram
Gear: 0/5
Strategy: 1/5

You will want to use a ferocity pet.
Remember: he has a 35 yards range mind control.

There are two ways to kill him:
1:Stay at maximum range, misdirect on your pet, feign death when he splits and let your pet handle the images (you can also let your pet do all the work, just remember to damage him to get your loot).

2: dismiss pet, and solo him without your pet. Works best if you are on the platform behind him: he will lose time after each split/teleport taking the stairs before coming back in melee. Requires good gear.

x3Bug Trio
Gear: 2/5
Strategy: 1/5

Focus Yauj while using rapid fire, readiness after using silencing shot, interrupting all the heals you can, standing with your back against a wall (because of Vem's knockback). You may want ti use a pvp trinket for her fear. Once she is dead, kill the rest.



Gear: 0/5
Startegy: 0/5

Dps and loot.

Gear: 0/5
Strategy: 2/5

Use a ferocity pet with full dps spec.
The easiest way to kill him is to put him down at 1 hp, then use the Brunnhildar Bow to freeze him. You need 200 frost hits.
At 199 hits (use recount or another dps analyser), drop snake trap, them wait for its CD to end. Kite Viscidus over the trap, freeze him, then pop another snake trap. You should be well over the 5 hits/second mark. However, you need to do a minimum amount of damage: use Kill command, raptor strike, everything. He sould die then.

Twin Emperors
Gear: 0/5 or 5/5
Strategy: 1/5

Legit method:
Most likely, the first hunter solo of this boss will be to kill them through their self-heal. Basically, it means focus Vek'nilash with an aimed shot hardcast rotation, use Widow venom on him (tested, it works), and quickly kill mutated bugs. It requires more than 20K dps.

Farming method:
Misdirect Vek'nilash on your pet with the following macro:

/cast Widow Venom
/cast Feign Death

Dps him to 1%, then attack Vek'lor with arcane/cobra shots (stay well away from your pet to avoid self-heals).
NOTE: I heard the bug had been fixed, so it probably doesn't work anymore.

Gear: 0/5
Strategy: 0/5

Pull and loot.

Gear: unknown
Strategy: unknown

Legit method:
Not found yet. Maybe if you one-shot the tentacles (25K hp) inside his stomach, you won't die? He kills you about 5 seconds after he eats you, but I don't know if he kills you after he is weakened.

Farming (if you consider a possibly 1-3 hours fight farming) method.
If you really do not want to bring a friend... Well, first thing: don't solo Ouro. Simply pull him, then go say hello to C'thun. When he ports you inside his stomach, Ouro will port you outside. The downside is, you will seldom have the time to dps the flesh tentacles: make a macro and spam it.
Once you are outside, run into C'thun to get knocked back. If you don't, he will not eat you again. And you will stack digestive acid. And you will die.

Dps C'thun during you spare time. If you can't kill the flesh tentacles, you are in for a veeeeeeery long fight (999K hp, 99% reduced damage = 99 million damage needed).

lundi 24 octobre 2011

How to: Blackwing Lair.

For these soloing guides, we'll start from the beginning.
I won't be doing Molten Core or Ruins af Ahn'Quiraj guide, they were doable at level 80, so figure at level 85.

So, Blackwing lair is the only level 60 raid whose bosses drop 120 -200 gold each (200+ for the two last), and a no-wipe run can take one hour, making it profitable.

Razorgore the Untamed
Gear: 0/5
Strategy: 2/5

The main problem is phase 1: you must manage to despawn adds without them respawning later.
Step 1: Quickly kill the two guards near Grethok. Don't kill him! Do not do too much damage on Razorgore, just enough to keep aggro. You can also misdirect him to a pet (in passive/stay stance) to avoid stuns and disorients.

Step 2 : Once the adds have spawned: jump to the very small ledge on the west side on the room, go to the end of it, turn your back and jump-disengage. Get on the platform, and make sure Razorgore has aggro on you (dismiss pet if you had it out). He should heal to full and go in evade mode.
After a while, Grethok will tell everyone to go back to their posts. Jump down before Razorgore resets, kill the guards, and take control of Razorgore with the orb.

Step 3:  Use Razorgore to destroy the eggs. Grethok should have aggro on him, and he melees hard (3-5K on the boss). Simply run away from him (as the boss) while destroy eggs is on CD, as to only be hit by the weak arcane missiles.
Whatever you do, it seems that hitting Grethok will reset the add spawn timer, so once Razorscale is Mind Controlled, don't use any of his dps abilities.

If adds spawn, restart at step 2 until they won't spawn again (unless there are 2-3 eggs still alive, in wich case you should have time to destroy them before the boss dies).

Phase 2 is a tank and spank.



Firemaw, Flamegor.
Gear: 0/5
Strategy: 0/5

Tank and spank. Vaelastraz should be doable in green gear.

Gear: 0/5
Strategy: 1/5

Once he casts shadow of ebonroc on your pet, wait 2 seconds and taunt. He should put the debuff on you, giving you 8-10 seconds of free dps time.
You can also try to outdps his healing.

Gear: 2/5
Strategy: 2/5

The safest way to do it is to kill a pack or two for the hourglass sand and use drums of forgotten kings to build up resistance. Then, prepot restorative potion ( and pull.
Whatever your spec, you will want to have both cobra and steady shot in your action bars, since 4 of 5 types of magical damage are reduced at set time.
Dispel brood affliction: Bronze with the hourglass sand, and use a restorative potion if you have 3 or 4 others debuffs.
Use his weakness! Spam arcane shot if he's vulnerable to arcane, explosive shot of it's fire, and cobra shot (with rapid fire) if it's nature, Chimaera/steady/Aimed shot if it's frost or shadow. You should dish out massive damage: misdirect, feign death and misdirect as much as you can!

You should be able to kill him before you transform, if not, you will be MCed for five minutes.

If you feel you are about to transform, you can unequip your weapons and hope your pet will be able to finish him.

It's also possible to pull him, fight him until he has the fire(if SV)/arcane/nature debuff then reset the fight, and use a restorative potion to clear the debuffs.

Gear: 1/5
Strategy: 1/5

Phase 1: Multi-shot, disengage, frost trap, kill the adds.

Phase 2: misdirect Nefarian, finish the adds. Then deal with the hunter call (weapon breaks every 30 seconds).
You can unequip your weapon before each call.
Or use the heirloom bow.
Or use Jeeves (rich engineers only). But it will cost you a lot in repairs.
Or dps with your stick! (and your pet).
Or bring a few spare peashooters.

Explosive trap should be enough for the adds that arrive at 20%.

dimanche 23 octobre 2011

And so it begins...

Hello everyone!
A while ago, Adamjmac told me that the only way to get information on hunter soloing was to navigate through the maze of the thread.
This blog has as goal to list hunter soloing news, boss per boss strategies, and technical guides.