mercredi 26 septembre 2012

WOTLK and Cataclysm recap! Well done for all the downs!

Hello there!
I decided to make a copy of the WOTLK/Cataclysm list and start with a new one for MoP

A few details:
- this is my list. I understand some people disagree with how I make it, but I refuse to put in them any boss killed with half-resetting (Gluth 25, XT 25, naj'entus...) because it is my humble opinion that soloing a boss from 100 to 60%, than 60% to 30%, than 30% to 0% is just too much of an exploit. It can be an achievement, but not true soloing. There are sometimes ways to survive berserks without this. And yes, I consider despawning adds not too much of an exploit. This is where I draw my line; some find it too harsh, some find that even add despawning should be banned, I choose the middle road.

-I'll add leviathan and "impossible to solo" bosses because one can actually be solo'd without vehicles (theoretically) and a boss is impossible to solo only before someone has solo'd it (Lich king, Sindragosa, Thorim... all were thought impossible).

-I congratulate all hunters who have made it on that list - it is by rereading it I realized how many managed to go where no hunter went before. I also thank all hunters who continue to solo or followed soloing, they make all of this worthwhile. Great thanks also to all who post guides, they have the sense of community.

I sadly have little time to remake all hundred links, so just copy/paste or visit Pages 53 and 54 of the elitistjerks forum



All soloed at level 80. [url=]NolanHunter18's Channel - YouTube[/url]


All soloed at level 80. [url=]chanc6's Channel - YouTube[/url]


* Razorgore:  [url=]How to: Solo Razorgore - YouTube[/url]
* Vaelastrasz the Corrupt: [url=]Vaelastrasz the Corrupt - NPC - World of Warcraft[/url]
* Broodlord Lashlayer: [url=]Durendil vs Broodlord Lashlayer - YouTube[/url]
* Firemaw:  [url=]Durendil vs Firemaw - YouTube[/url]
* Ebonroc:  [url=]Ebonroc - NPC - World of Warcraft[/url]
* Flamegor: I honestly remember killing him in my level 80 days (probably forgot to do the video). Either way, he's easy to solo.
* Chromaggus: killed
* Nefarian: [url=]Nefarian - NPC - World of Warcraft[/url]


* Prophet Skeram:  [url=]Durendil vs Skeram - YouTube[/url]
* Bug trio: [url=]Ahn'Qiraj Solo - Skeram & the Triad - Hunter - Eoxyn @ Dalaran-EU - YouTube[/url]
* Battleguard Sartura:  [url=]Hunter Solo Battleguard Sartura AQ 40 - YouTube[/url]
* Fankriss the Unyielding: [url=]Durendil vs Fankriss - YouTube[/url] (I can't find the video of the level 80 hunter that did it)
* Princess Huhuran: [url=]Durendil vs Huhuran - YouTube[/url]
* Viscidus: [url=]Durendil vs Viscidus - YouTube[/url]
* Ouro: Killed: at level 80, but the guy who soloed Huhuran, Fankriss, Sartura and Ouro at level 80 deleted the video.
* Twin emperors (Emperor Vek'lor & Emperor Vek'nilash): killed

-C'thun: killed with Ouro bug


ZUL'AMAN (level 70 10-man version)

Some bosses were done at at level 80.

* Akil'zon (Eagle): [url=]Hunter Akil'zon Solo - YouTube[/url]
* Nalorakk (Bear): [url=]Durendil vs Nalorakk - YouTube[/url]
* Jan'alai (Dragonhawk): [url=]Durendl vs Jan'alai - YouTube[/url]
* Halazzi (Lynx): [url=]Durendil vs Halazzi - YouTube[/url]
* Hex Lord Malacrass: [url=]Durendil vs Malacrass - YouTube[/url]
* Zul'jin: [url=]Durendil vs Zul'jin - YouTube[/url]


Most of it was done at level 80

* Attumen & Midnight: [url=]Hunter solo of Attumen - YouTube[/url]
* Moroes: [url=]Hunter 80 Solo Moroes (Karazhan) [HD] - YouTube[/url]
* Opera Event:
- Big Bad Wolf: [url=]Durendil vs Le Grand Méchant Loup - YouTube[/url]
- Wizard of Oz: [url=]Hunter Solo Guide: Opera Event - Wizard of Oz - YouTube[/url]
- Romulo and Julianne: [url=]Hunter solo Karazhan Opera Romulo and Julianne - YouTube[/url]

* Maiden of Virtue: [url=]Hunter 80 Solo Maiden of Virtue (Karazhan) [HD] - YouTube[/url]
* The Curator: [url=]Hunter Solo's Karazhan: The Curator - YouTube[/url]
* Terestian Illhoof: [url=]Hunter Solo Guide: Terestian Illhoof - YouTube[/url]
* Shade of Aran: [url=]Hunter Solo's Karazhan: Nielas Aran! - YouTube[/url]
* Netherspite: [url=]Hunter Solo Guide: Netherspite - YouTube[/url]
* Nightbane: [url=]Hunter Solo's Karazhan: Nightbane - YouTube[/url]
* Prince Malchezaar: [url=]Hunter Solo's Karazhan: Prince Malchezaar! - YouTube[/url]


* Doomwalker: [url=]Hunter Solo's Doomwalker - YouTube[/url]
* Doom Lord Kazzak: [url=]Doom Lord Kazzak Hunter Solo'd - YouTube[/url]

Some of the world first were done by Krelle, but his videos have disappeared from Youtube.


* High King Maulgar: [url=]Hunter vs High King Maulgar Solo - YouTube[/url]
* Gruul the Dragonkiller: Done by Krelle at level 80


* Magtheridon: Done by Krelle at level 80.


* Hydross the Unstable: [url=]Hydross the Unstable - Lv 85 Hunter Solokill - Poisonform Hardmode - YouTube[/url]
* The Lurker Below: [url=]Hunter Solo The Lurker Below - YouTube[/url]
* Leotheras the Blind: [url=]Going Solo 1: Hunter Solo on Leotheras the Blind - YouTube[/url]
* Fathom-Lord Karathress: [url=]Durendil vs Karathress - YouTube[/url]
* Morogrim Tidewalker: (Bug used: Add despawning): [url=]Hunter Solo Morogrim Tidewalker - YouTube[/url]
* Lady Vashj: [url=]Hunter Solo #Lady Vashj# - YouTube[/url]


* Void Reaver: [url=]Endriel (85 Hunter) VS Void Reaver (Lootreaver) - YouTube[/url]
* Al'ar: [url=]Hunter Solo Al'ar - YouTube[/url]
* High Astromancer Solarian: [url=]Durendil vs Solarian - YouTube[/url]
* Kael'thas Sunstrider: [url=]Dissaster vs. Kael'Thas 25m (lvl 85 Hunter Solo) P1 - YouTube[/url]


* Rage Winterchill: Done by Krelle at level 80
* Anetheron: [url=]Durendil vs Anetheron - YouTube[/url]
* Kaz'rogal: [url=]Durendil vs Kaz'rogal - YouTube[/url]
* Azgalor: [url=]Szalor vs Azgalor: hunter soloing (hunter world first) - YouTube[/url]
* Archimonde: [url=]Durendil vs Archimonde (hunter world first) - YouTube[/url]


* Supremus: [url=]Kildon - Hunter solo Supremus - YouTube[/url]
* Shade of Akama: [url=]Lithestalker vs. Shade of Akama Hunter Solo - YouTube[/url]
* Teron Gorefiend: [url=]Teron Gorefiend vs. Hunter (solo) - YouTube[/url]
* Gurtogg Bloodboil: [url=]Gurtogg Bloodboil vs. Hunter (solo) - YouTube[/url]
* Reliquary of Souls: Killed
* Mother Shahraz: Killed
* The Illidari Council: [URL=""]World first hunter solo: Caribald vs Illidari Council - YouTube[/URL]
* Illidan Stormrage: [url=]Lithestalker vs. Illidan Stormrage Hunter Solo - YouTube[/url]


* Brutallus: [url=]Hunter Solos Brutallus - YouTube[/url]
* Felmyst: Done by Krelle first.
* Eredar Twins (Grand Warlock Alythess & Lady Sacrolash): [url=]Eredar Twins - Hunter Solo - YouTube[/url]
* M'uru / Entropius: [url=]M'uru - Hunter solo - YouTube[/url]
* Kil'jaeden: [url=]Kil'jaeden - Hunter Solo - YouTube[/url]



The Arachnid Quarter

* Anub'Rekhan: [url=]Hunter vs Anub'Rekhan [solo] - YouTube[/url]
* Grand Widow Faerlina: [url][/url]
* Maexxna: [url=]Hunter solo Maexxna (Naxxramas, The Arachnid Quarter) - YouTube[/url]

The Plague Quarter

* Noth the Plaguebringer: [url=]Going Solo 2: Hunter Solo Noth the Plaguebringer - YouTube[/url]
* Heigan the Unclean: [url=]Heigan hunter solo - YouTube[/url]
* Loatheb: [url=]Endriel (85 Hunter) VS Loatheb - YouTube[/url]

The Military Quarter

* Instructor Razuvious: [url=]Hunter solo: Instructor Razuvious (Naxxramas) - YouTube[/url]
* Gothik the Harvester: [url=]Durendil vs Gothik - YouTube[/url]
* The Four Horsemen:  [url=]Durendil vs The 4 Horsemen - YouTube[/url]

The Construct Quarter

* Patchwerk: [url=]Hunter solo Patchwerk (hunter world first) - YouTube[/url]
* Grobbulus:  [url=]Lithestalker vs. Grobbulus Hunter Solo - YouTube[/url]
* Gluth: [url=]Hunter vs Gluth [solo] - YouTube[/url]
* Thaddius: [url=]Hunter vs Thaddius [solo] - YouTube[/url]

Frostwyrm Lair

* Sapphiron: [url][/url]
* Kel'Thuzad: (Bug used: add despawning): [url=]Hunter vs Kel'Thuzad [solo] 10ppl - YouTube[/url]


* Sartharion:  [url=]Hunter Solo Sartharion10 - YouTube[/url]
- with one drake: [url=]Hunter Solo #Sartharion + 1Drake (Vesperon)# - YouTube[/url]
- with three drakes: [url=]World first hunter solo: Caribald vs Sartharion HM: The Twilight Zone - YouTube[/url]


* Malygos: [url=]Hunter Solo #Malygos# 10 Man - YouTube[/url]


* Archavon the Stone Watcher: [url=]Hunter Solo's: Archavon 10 man (Cataclysm - Patch 4.0.3a) - YouTube[/url]
* Emalon the Storm Watcher:  [url=]Hunter solo: Emalon the Storm Watcher (Vault of Archavon) - YouTube[/url]
* Koralon the Flame Watcher: [url=]Tropenheld vs Koralon the Flame Watcher (10) - Hunter soloing - ?Worldfirst? - YouTube[/url]
* Toravon the Ice Watcher: [url=]Toravon the Ice Watcher - Hunter Solo - YouTube[/url]


The Siege of Ulduar

* Ignis the Furnace Master: [url=]Szalor vs Ignis: hunter soloing (hunter world first) - YouTube[/url]
* Razorscale:  [url=]Hunter Solo #Razorscale# - YouTube[/url]
* XT-002 Deconstructor: [url=]Durendil vs Xt-002 Deconstructor - YouTube[/url]
- Heartbreaker: [url=]World first hunter solo: Caribald vs XT-002 Deconstructor hardmode: Heartbreaker - YouTube[/url]

The Antechamber of Ulduar

* Assembly of Iron:
- I Choose You, Stormcaller Brundir: [url=]Durendil vs Assembly of Iron - YouTube[/url]
- I Choose You, Runemaster Molgeim: Killed
- I Choose You, Steelbreaker: [url=]Durendil: I choose you, Steelbreaker (Iron Council Hardest mode) - YouTube[/url]

* Kologarn: [url=]Durendil vs Kologarn - YouTube[/url]
* Auriaya: [url=]Hunter solo: Caribald vs Auriaya (10 man) - YouTube[/url]

The Keepers of Ulduar

* Hodir: [url=]Hunter Solo #Hodir 10 Man# - YouTube[/url]
- I Could Say That This Cache Was Rare: [url=]Durendil vs Hodir Hard mode (hunter worldfirst) - YouTube[/url]

* Thorim:
- Lose Your Illusion: [url=]Szalor vs Thorim: hunter soloing (hunter world first) - YouTube[/url]

* Freya: [url=]Durendil vs Freya - YouTube[/url]
- Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood: [url=]World first hunter solo: Caribald vs Freya HM: Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood - YouTube[/url]

* Mimiron: [url=]Durendil vs mimiron - YouTube[/url]
- Firefighter: [url=]World first hunter solo: Caribald vs Mimiron HM: Firefighter - YouTube[/url]

The Descent into Madness

* General Vezax: [url=]Durendil vs Vezax - YouTube[/url]
- I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning: [url=]Durendil vs Vezax Hard Mode - YouTube[/url]

* Yogg-Saron: (Bugs used: Sara ignores player + add despawn): [url=]Durendil vs Yogg-Saron (4 keepers) - YouTube[/url]
- One Light in the Darkness: (Bugs used: Sara ignores player + add despawn) [url=]Hunter Solo #Yogg-Saron : One Light in The Darkness# - YouTube[/url]
- Post bugfix: [url=]World first bugfree hunter solo: Caribald vs Yogg-Saron: One Light in the Darkness - YouTube[/url]

The Celestial Planetarium

* Algalon the Observer: [url=]World first solo (hunter): Caribald vs Algalon the Observer - YouTube[/url]


* Northrend Beasts: [url=]Durendil vs Northrend Beasts - YouTube[/url]
* Lord Jaraxxus: Killed
* Faction Champions: (Holy Paladin, Discipline Priest, Enhancement Shaman, Rogue, Mage, Balance Druid) [url=]World first hunter solo: Caribald vs Faction Champions - YouTube[/url]
* Twin Val'kyr (Fjola Lightbane & Eydis Darkbane): [url=]Durendil vs Twin Val'kyr - YouTube[/url]
* Anub'arak: [url=]Durendil vs Anub'Arak - YouTube[/url]


* Onyxia: [url=]85 hunter soloing onyxia10 - YouTube[/url]


The Lower Spire

* Lord Marrowgar: [url=]Hunter Solo Lord Marrowgar - YouTube[/url]
* Lady Deathwhisper: [url=]Hunter Vs. Lady Deathwhisper By Japskidin - World of Warcraft Movies[/url]
* Deathbringer Saurfang: [url=]Durendil vs Deathbringer Saurfang - YouTube[/url]

The Plagueworks

* Rotface: [url][/url]
* Festergut: Hunters: Soloing old instances for fun and profit [url=]- hebergeur d'image - -[/url]
* Professor Putricide: [url=]Durendil vs Putricide - YouTube[/url]

The Crimson Hall

* Blood-Queen Lana'thel: [url=]World first hunter solo: CaribaLd vs Blood-Queen Lana'thel - YouTube[/url]

The Frostwing Halls

* Sindragosa: [url=]Durendil vs Sindragosa - YouTube[/url]

The Frozen Throne

* The Lich King: [url=]Durendil vs The Lich King (hunter worldfirst) By durendil - World of Warcraft Movies[/url]


[B]*Trial of the Crusader[/B]
Northrend Beasts: [url=]World first hunter solo: Caribald vs Northrend beasts (heroic) - YouTube[/url]
Lord Jaraxxus: [url=]World first hunter solo: Caribald vs Lord Jaraxxus (heroic) - YouTube[/url]
Twin Val'kyr: [url=]Durendil vs Twin val'kyr - Heroic - YouTube[/url]
Anub'arak: [url=]Durendil vs Anub'arak heroic - YouTube[/url]

[B]*Icecrown Citadel[/B]
Lord Marrowgar: [url=]YouTube - ‪World's First Lord Marrowgar ICC10 HEROIC Solo‬‏[/url]
Lady Deathwhisper: [url=]Durendil vs Deathwhisper heroic - YouTube[/url]

Festergut: [url=]World first solo (hunter): CaribaLd vs Festergut (10 man heroic) - YouTube[/url]
Rotface: [url=]YouTube - ‪World's First Rotface ICC10 HEROIC Solo‬‏[/url]

Sindragosa: [url=]World first hunter solo: CaribaLd vs Sindragosa (10 man heroic) - YouTube[/url]



The Arachnid Quarter

* Anub'Rekhan: [url=]Durendil vs Anub'Rekhan 25 - YouTube[/url]
- Bugfree: [url=]Hunter solo: Caribald vs Anub'rekhan (25 man) - YouTube[/url]

* Grand Widow Faerlina: [url=]World first solo (hunter): Caribald vs Grand Widow Faerlina (25 man) - YouTube[/url]
* Maexxna: [url=]World first solo (hunter): Caribald vs Maexxna (25 man) - YouTube[/url]

The Plague Quarter

* Noth the Plaguebringer: [url=]Going Solo 2: Hunter Solo Noth the Plaguebringer - YouTube[/url]
- Bugfree: [url=]Hunter solo: Caribald vs Noth the Plaguebringer (25 man, no add despawning) - YouTube[/url]

* Heigan the Unclean: [url=]Heigan 25 man solo - BM Hunter - YouTube[/url]
* Loatheb: [url=]Durendil vs Loatheb 25 - YouTube[/url]

The Military Quarter

* Instructor Razuvious:  [url=]World first hunter solo: Caribald vs Instructor Razuvious (25 man) - YouTube[/url]
* The Four Horsemen: [url=]World first hunter solo: Caribald vs The Four Horsemen (25 man) - YouTube[/url]

The Construct Quarter

* Grobbulus: [url=]Hunter Solo #Grobbulus 25 man# - YouTube[/url]

Frostwyrm Lair

* Sapphiron: [url=]Hunter Solo #Sapphiron 25 man# - YouTube[/url]


* Sartharion: [url=]Durendil vs Sartharion 25 - YouTube[/url]
- with one drake: [url=]World first hunter solo: Caribald vs Sartharion: Twilight Assist (25 man) - YouTube[/url]


* Malygos: [url=]Durendil vs Malygos 25 - YouTube[/url]


* Koralon the Flame Watcher: Hunters: Soloing old instances for fun and profit

[url=]Hunter solo: CaribaLd vs Onyxia (25 man) - YouTube[/url]


The Siege of Ulduar

* Kologarn: [url=]Durendil vs Kologarn 25 (hunter worldfirst) - YouTube[/url]

* Mimiron: [url=]Durendil : Hunter soloing: Mimiron 25 down![/url]


The Lower Spire

* Lord Marrowgar: [url=]World first solo (hunter): Caribald vs Lord Marrowgar (25 man) - YouTube[/url]

samedi 19 mai 2012

Heroic instances soloing: recap

So, I spent last month deciding to go have fun in cata 5-man heroics. Yes, you can actually solo cata 5-man Heroic instances. Gear + good strategy is enough for the major part.
Now, I checked internet and youtube, so if I made an error, please tell me :)

So, as far as worldfirst are concerned, I did:
Ulthok not very hard, just positioning and moving quickly.
Foe reaper 5000: Trivial
Springvale: Good thing I discovered the glitch on ashbury :)
Ammunae: also called the technical strategy boss, since timings are on a very narrow window, so you have to deal with adds, interuupts, loss of focus, and still dps the boss.
Setesh: complementary to ammunae, he's not technical, he's about reacting to chaos
Augh: lots of doubt for this one, I don't see why a dk hasn't solo'd him before, so maybe not a worldfirst.
Corborus: run, little dwarf, run!
Nalorakk: hah, that was a hell of a boss to solo! Pet health was limit, hunter health too, and dps too! Great boss to check the mist changes when they will be active.
Malacrass: free loot :)

Now, for Hunter worldfirsts:
Ashbury: first cata boss I tried, first challenge, learned a few things :) Also discovered the leaving combat glitch (that, I believe, doesn't work against raid bosses).
Helix : Fun boss, since you have 0.5 seconds to click on intervene when he yells.
Anraphet: the bug hits again... but he's got a water warden, so it's thanks to him that HoO isn't soloable :)
Rajh: easy easy easy
Throngus: now this is real soloing! Fun fun fun :)

Now, which bosses haven't been solo'd yet by a hunter? For those seeking an extra challenge, here is the list! Note that I haven't gone farther than zul'aman, so I can't give advice for ZG/4.3
In green, those who could be possible in heroic DS gear (my opinion)

Mindbender gur'sha: you need to tank him, and he hits hard (hunter survival)
Ascendant lord obsidius: nasty DoT (hunter survival)
Dragha shadowburner: shadow bolts (hunter survival)
Erudax: need lots of dps
Akil'zon: massive damage on hunter (hunter survival)
Halazzi: Massive damage on pet, self-healing... there could be a strategy to kill him.
Drakaara: Massive damage in lynx phase (bear is impossible) (hunter/pet survival)
Mandokir: Decapitate!
Edge of madness
Echo of Baine
Echo of Sylvanas
All hour of twilight
All well of eternity

lundi 7 mai 2012

Mimiron 25 down!

So mimiron 25 fell! As a 4 phase fight, he was the second 25-man boss whose berserk could be avoided entirely, except that it's harder to fight for 30 minutes than to fly in circles for 30 minutes :)

NOTE: Make sure you're completely repaired before trying this fight, or that you have 2 ranged weapons.

Phase 1 is surviving. So a stamina trinket is a good idea. The cannon on top of the leviathan will cast napalm shell on you. It's easy to see because he will turn towards you and spark red for 2-3 seconds. When he does:
-use intervene after the initial hit
-or use deterrence before it hits
-or, if you have mirror of broken images, use it before it hits
To bandage, wait for plasma blast. Make sure you always have a pet CD up for plasma blast.

Once the leviathan is dead, phase 2 is exactly the same than in 10 man, just use intervene to absorb damage (and mirror). Make sure you kill it at most about 30 seconds from berserk. 10 is safer.

Phase 3 is surviving 30 minutes. Now assault bots spawn from orange beams every 25-30 seconds, and you need to feign death to reset them. However, you will need to kill 1 or 2 of them so that your pet builds aggro on the head. Misdirect all junk bots on your pet, and you should be able to survive the bomb bots. Dps slowly the head.
After 30 minutes, it's time for phase 4: kill a last assault bot, and finish off the head. Then clear all bots.

Phase 4: put your pet on the leviathan, and misdirect the head to him. Don't worry about your survival, as long as you aren't in a cone between the boss and the pet, and that the boss isn't  completely on the wall, you should be able to avoid his barrage and outheal his hand pulse. Once the head is low (120-150K), attack the middle. Put him low on health too. Finally, attack the leviathan and, when he's near 100K, pop rapid fire and finish him.

samedi 17 mars 2012

ICC Heroic: Marrowgar and Lady deathwhisper!

Maybe my last worldfirst soloings before I start Heroic DS (if we manage to recruit a tank and a 2 healers - so maybe Morchok will be down in HM before mist).
Marrwogar Heroic isn't a worldfirst, but I don't know if it was already solo'd bugfree (without a worgen or goblin).
Deathwhisper is, but she was easy - only reason I solo'd her first is probably because nobody thought they could deal with her mind control. That she doesn't cast.

lundi 5 mars 2012

Twin Val'kyrs and Anub'arak Heroic solo'd

So, guess that after the lich king I went back to more normal soloings, who require a lot less tries, and less money.

First, Val'kyr Heroic:

The main difference with normal mode is that they hit really hard (I used a stamina trinket and a stamina flask). And that their heal shall not pass. Or the berserk timer will. I believe that the shield ignores light/dark essence, but either way putting up hunters mark + serpent sting + FD if your aggro is too high makes you lose time, so try to dps the val'kyr that will bubble next. Use rapid fire if you must switch to dps a shield. Oh, and a new dot, touch of light/darkness appears, but can be dispelled by switching essence.

Anub'arak Heroic:
This time, two burrowers spawn instead of 1, so despawning them is capital (wonder if anub'arak normal bugfree is possible now). And in phase 2, you will only have 6 ice patches.
Phase 2: run on the opposite side of the room, spawning patches but making sure Anub doesn't break them. At the last moment, FD. His spikes will go on your pet. Put your pet at about 30 yards then, once scarabs are too close to your pet, get up, hide behind an ice patch, and kill the scarabs on your pet. Anub should rush you, and you will need to start kiting him from one side to another. You can manage to break only 2 patches, 3 is the maximum (unless he bugs like in my video, but it happened twice in 40 phases 2).
Phase 3 is the most difficult. Leeching swarm will put you between 4K and 20K, and his dot hits hard.
Put up widow venom at the start, but it's useless afterwards.
To survive:
-use a prismatic elixir.
-rotate healing/absorbs. I used ignored intervene on the first (make sure you use it asap, because anub likes to freeze your pet when you're at 4K), double chimera + engineering shield on the second, intervene on the third and health potion + intervene on the fourth.

mardi 28 février 2012

Long live the King!

Finally! Definitely my most technical soloing ever. Not to mention the 600+ tries, and about 250 scrolls/food/drum charge, dozens of potions... Cost me the price of 6 or 7 naxxramas farming runs. But it was definitely worth it, since it was the boss I absolutely wanted to solo before Pandaria.

Video: Durendil vs the lich king

Now for the guide:
I won't be going over the lich king's abilities, so check wowhead/wowpedia if you don't know him.

Phase 1:
The main thing is to deal with the adds, the plague and the infests.
Tank him on the edge: that way, shambling horror will spawn in multi-shot range from the lich king, although it may not be true for the ghouls. And make sure you have a passive button close at hand, to put your pet back in place.

For the adds: one out of two spawns of ghouls will be followed by a shambling horror. Wait until all three ghouls are up, then feign death misdirect and multi-shot two times, with one action or two between the two. Basically, it's either multi/steady/multi or multi/chimera/multi or multi/chimera/mend pet/multi. But no multi/steady/instant/multi, misdirection will fade before that. If a shambling horror spawns, make sure you multi-shot after it spawns. You will want to give the first necrotic plague to an add, but not the others, or they die too quickly.

Pet survival: not really an issue as long as you never leave two enraged horrors up. Make sure you have a macro to dispel a horror (however, it will only dispel the nearest horror - check wich one it is).

Your survival: that's an issue. Basically, you want time to regen after a tick of necrotic plague before infest. Keep in mind that infest will remove intervene. And that the shambling horror's shockwave will too, so avoid it (by staying 20-25 yards away from your pet).

For plagues 1, 2, 4 and 5, he will infest after the third tick, so you want to take the damage from the first tick, then chimera shot + intervene. You can mitigate damage with glyphed raptor strike if you can afford the loss of dps.
Plague 3: the difficult one. If you are a dwarf: stoneform on the second one, and for the second spawn of ghouls, feign death before he casts infest and delay it for 1-2 seconds (but not too long, or plague 4 will tick just as he infests), and intervene for the first two ticks of plague 3. If not: make sure you do not delay the infest (either by not feigning death, or doing it after he casts infest), and it should arrive before the second tick. Mitigate the first tick with either raptor strike or deterrence, or both and chimera shot right after. Then intervene after the infest and it should absorb for enough time to get another chimera shot past.
Plague 6: will infest after the second tick. So... very dangerous without stoneform. Best thing is to get him to phase 1.5 before he cast it.
So the last problem will be that: you must chimera as much as possible, feign death + misdirect, and losing about 3 seconds, dispel enrages, multi-shot...  And dps like hell. Guess who's going to have to manage his focus? Remeber: two steadies = about 55 focus with the passive regen and passive regen = about 6 focus/sec. So don't use arcane shot unless you're extremely high on focus (about 75+) or are above 50 and will do two steadies after it.
Probably the hardest phase, 1 error = 1 wipe, and focus management is capital for you and your pet to survive while burning down arthas's health.

One last thing: don't use your two rapid fires, or you won't have enough time for it to come off CD for the raging spirit.

Phase 1.5:
You will need a target raging spirit + petattack + charge macro.
He will run to the center. Put you pet on stay inside the platform. A raging spirit will spawn. Misdirect him to your pet and pop all cooldowns: he must die quickly. When the second spirit spawns, quickly finish the first if it's still alive then feign death. Make your pet build aggro on him.
If he becomes invisible, the only way to target him is with a macro. In that cast, better leave the pet on him for a while: if he isn't the nearest spirit, you will never be able to target him if both you and your pet stop targeting him. For the third, leave feign death and use deterrence. Make sure he melees you once, then send him on your pet. Once the ice collapses, multi-shot to get rid of the spheres on your pet, then kill any frost sphere aggroing you. Then quickly bandage and, after the infest, intervene if your health still isn't high enough. A healing potion can also be used.

Phase 2:
As long as two spirits are up, make sure your pet is well healed.
Tanking: you are a tank if you were melee'd a most 1 minute ago (in the video, the val'kyr aggro'd me 1 minutes 4 sec after the last hit). So you will want to be hit once every minute at least. To avoid damege (50K crit + infest = death), use intervene, taunt, then FD after the first hit (or dodge/miss/parry).
Beware: make sure you don't get soul reaper, and remember that after that he gets a haste buff, so don't taunt before he loses it.
If a Val'kyr still picks you up, then:
-if more than one try to pick you up at the same time, they get in an argument and fly away after giving you a good fright.
-if they try to take you one at a time, wait for the last, then wiggle your mouse while facing outwards to turn as soon as they let you go. Then disengage (macro'd with parachute) as soon as you turn. Sometimes works, but betting your life on it is a bad idea.
Mainly, dps as much as you can, taunt once in a while, and your pet should be in no danger.
The defiles are easy to deal with, and deal nearly no damage.
At 41%, take a last hit.

Phase 2.5:
Spirits will spawn faster. Dps the first, send the second one on your pet, kill the first, deterrence on the third and take a hit, then send him and the fourth on your pet. If the ice spheres get near you, feign death.

Phase 3:
At first, kill a spirit asap and use last stand to keep your pet alive.
For the vile spirits, use intervene once they aggro you, and try to take a hit in the last second or so. Finish the other spirits. Then all you have to do is intervene for the vile spirits + hit (you could get a hit every two intervenes, but it's risky) , and get him to 10% before he enrages.
If you are taken inside frostmourne: use aimed shot on the warden, get a hit from a vile spirit (they follow you, but keep aggro on your pet), then immediatly kill the warden before the lich king despawns.

lundi 23 janvier 2012

Sindragosa solo'd!

I probably would have thought her impossible, except for a small thing.
A year ago, I was 3-manning ICC. After multiple tries, we killed her. How?
Phase 3. Palatank dies. Mage gets aggro. Mage dies. So I switch pets and try to finish her off. But she had like 5% hp remaining.
She casts frost tomb. Again. And again. So I killed her. But I never understood why she hadn't frost-tombed me.
So, when I started testing her last week, I decided to find out what makes you a tank.

So, my tries told me that:
-FD didn't save me from frost tombs.
-if I grabbed aggro before she took off (by dismissing my pet), she would frost-tomb me.
-but sometimes she wouldn't
I quickly figured out that she didn't frost-tomb me if she melee'd me beforehand.
Besides, she didn't frost-tomb me the time I was merely at 5% aggro, having FD 5 seconds before.
I luckily got a try where she didn't frost-tomb me in phase 3 for a while. So I made a video and analysed it.

So, basically: I switch pets, using deterrence, and 30 seconds after the FD I get the frost tomb.

That is how I understood that it wasn't aggro + melee that protected me, just melee.
So, if she melees you, you are a tank for 30 seconds.

The strategy is:
In phase 1, try to grab aggro after her blistering cold, take a hit (it doesn't matter if it misses/doge/parry), and FD (if you managed to pull aggro without dismissing your pet. If not, wait for your pet to have more than 7K hp).

In air phase, intervention can protect you from a frost bomb.

In phase 2, switch pets while taking a melee hit. Then switch pets every time FD is off cooldown. An intervene beforehand will reduce damage.