samedi 19 mai 2012

Heroic instances soloing: recap

So, I spent last month deciding to go have fun in cata 5-man heroics. Yes, you can actually solo cata 5-man Heroic instances. Gear + good strategy is enough for the major part.
Now, I checked internet and youtube, so if I made an error, please tell me :)

So, as far as worldfirst are concerned, I did:
Ulthok not very hard, just positioning and moving quickly.
Foe reaper 5000: Trivial
Springvale: Good thing I discovered the glitch on ashbury :)
Ammunae: also called the technical strategy boss, since timings are on a very narrow window, so you have to deal with adds, interuupts, loss of focus, and still dps the boss.
Setesh: complementary to ammunae, he's not technical, he's about reacting to chaos
Augh: lots of doubt for this one, I don't see why a dk hasn't solo'd him before, so maybe not a worldfirst.
Corborus: run, little dwarf, run!
Nalorakk: hah, that was a hell of a boss to solo! Pet health was limit, hunter health too, and dps too! Great boss to check the mist changes when they will be active.
Malacrass: free loot :)

Now, for Hunter worldfirsts:
Ashbury: first cata boss I tried, first challenge, learned a few things :) Also discovered the leaving combat glitch (that, I believe, doesn't work against raid bosses).
Helix : Fun boss, since you have 0.5 seconds to click on intervene when he yells.
Anraphet: the bug hits again... but he's got a water warden, so it's thanks to him that HoO isn't soloable :)
Rajh: easy easy easy
Throngus: now this is real soloing! Fun fun fun :)

Now, which bosses haven't been solo'd yet by a hunter? For those seeking an extra challenge, here is the list! Note that I haven't gone farther than zul'aman, so I can't give advice for ZG/4.3
In green, those who could be possible in heroic DS gear (my opinion)

Mindbender gur'sha: you need to tank him, and he hits hard (hunter survival)
Ascendant lord obsidius: nasty DoT (hunter survival)
Dragha shadowburner: shadow bolts (hunter survival)
Erudax: need lots of dps
Akil'zon: massive damage on hunter (hunter survival)
Halazzi: Massive damage on pet, self-healing... there could be a strategy to kill him.
Drakaara: Massive damage in lynx phase (bear is impossible) (hunter/pet survival)
Mandokir: Decapitate!
Edge of madness
Echo of Baine
Echo of Sylvanas
All hour of twilight
All well of eternity

lundi 7 mai 2012

Mimiron 25 down!

So mimiron 25 fell! As a 4 phase fight, he was the second 25-man boss whose berserk could be avoided entirely, except that it's harder to fight for 30 minutes than to fly in circles for 30 minutes :)

NOTE: Make sure you're completely repaired before trying this fight, or that you have 2 ranged weapons.

Phase 1 is surviving. So a stamina trinket is a good idea. The cannon on top of the leviathan will cast napalm shell on you. It's easy to see because he will turn towards you and spark red for 2-3 seconds. When he does:
-use intervene after the initial hit
-or use deterrence before it hits
-or, if you have mirror of broken images, use it before it hits
To bandage, wait for plasma blast. Make sure you always have a pet CD up for plasma blast.

Once the leviathan is dead, phase 2 is exactly the same than in 10 man, just use intervene to absorb damage (and mirror). Make sure you kill it at most about 30 seconds from berserk. 10 is safer.

Phase 3 is surviving 30 minutes. Now assault bots spawn from orange beams every 25-30 seconds, and you need to feign death to reset them. However, you will need to kill 1 or 2 of them so that your pet builds aggro on the head. Misdirect all junk bots on your pet, and you should be able to survive the bomb bots. Dps slowly the head.
After 30 minutes, it's time for phase 4: kill a last assault bot, and finish off the head. Then clear all bots.

Phase 4: put your pet on the leviathan, and misdirect the head to him. Don't worry about your survival, as long as you aren't in a cone between the boss and the pet, and that the boss isn't  completely on the wall, you should be able to avoid his barrage and outheal his hand pulse. Once the head is low (120-150K), attack the middle. Put him low on health too. Finally, attack the leviathan and, when he's near 100K, pop rapid fire and finish him.