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How to: Temple of Ahn'Quiraj

The temple of Ahn'Quiraj can be farmed for Brood of Nozdormu and Cenarion Circle reputation.

The prophet Skeram
Gear: 0/5
Strategy: 1/5

You will want to use a ferocity pet.
Remember: he has a 35 yards range mind control.

There are two ways to kill him:
1:Stay at maximum range, misdirect on your pet, feign death when he splits and let your pet handle the images (you can also let your pet do all the work, just remember to damage him to get your loot).

2: dismiss pet, and solo him without your pet. Works best if you are on the platform behind him: he will lose time after each split/teleport taking the stairs before coming back in melee. Requires good gear.

x3Bug Trio
Gear: 2/5
Strategy: 1/5

Focus Yauj while using rapid fire, readiness after using silencing shot, interrupting all the heals you can, standing with your back against a wall (because of Vem's knockback). You may want ti use a pvp trinket for her fear. Once she is dead, kill the rest.



Gear: 0/5
Startegy: 0/5

Dps and loot.

Gear: 0/5
Strategy: 2/5

Use a ferocity pet with full dps spec.
The easiest way to kill him is to put him down at 1 hp, then use the Brunnhildar Bow to freeze him. You need 200 frost hits.
At 199 hits (use recount or another dps analyser), drop snake trap, them wait for its CD to end. Kite Viscidus over the trap, freeze him, then pop another snake trap. You should be well over the 5 hits/second mark. However, you need to do a minimum amount of damage: use Kill command, raptor strike, everything. He sould die then.

Twin Emperors
Gear: 0/5 or 5/5
Strategy: 1/5

Legit method:
Most likely, the first hunter solo of this boss will be to kill them through their self-heal. Basically, it means focus Vek'nilash with an aimed shot hardcast rotation, use Widow venom on him (tested, it works), and quickly kill mutated bugs. It requires more than 20K dps.

Farming method:
Misdirect Vek'nilash on your pet with the following macro:

/cast Widow Venom
/cast Feign Death

Dps him to 1%, then attack Vek'lor with arcane/cobra shots (stay well away from your pet to avoid self-heals).
NOTE: I heard the bug had been fixed, so it probably doesn't work anymore.

Gear: 0/5
Strategy: 0/5

Pull and loot.

Gear: unknown
Strategy: unknown

Legit method:
Not found yet. Maybe if you one-shot the tentacles (25K hp) inside his stomach, you won't die? He kills you about 5 seconds after he eats you, but I don't know if he kills you after he is weakened.

Farming (if you consider a possibly 1-3 hours fight farming) method.
If you really do not want to bring a friend... Well, first thing: don't solo Ouro. Simply pull him, then go say hello to C'thun. When he ports you inside his stomach, Ouro will port you outside. The downside is, you will seldom have the time to dps the flesh tentacles: make a macro and spam it.
Once you are outside, run into C'thun to get knocked back. If you don't, he will not eat you again. And you will stack digestive acid. And you will die.

Dps C'thun during you spare time. If you can't kill the flesh tentacles, you are in for a veeeeeeery long fight (999K hp, 99% reduced damage = 99 million damage needed).

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