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How to: Tempest Keep: The Eye

The Eye is known to be a beautiful instance. Bosses ther drop a lot of gold, and Kael'thas can be farmed for the epic phoenix flying mount.
For each boss, you will need to clean the room.

Gear: 0/5
Strategy: 1/5

Use a ferocity pet with dash on manual cast.

Phase 1: Get on the ledge and dps Al'ar. When he switches platforms, use your pet's dash. Feign death to get rid of the little phoenix, or kill it. If he goes high into the air, jump down.

Phase 2: Once Al'ar is down, go to the middle of the room and wait for its rebirth. Dps the boss while avoiding flame patches. Once he meteors, kill the little phoenixes and resume on the boss.

Gear: 1/5
Strategy: 2/5

Using Drums of Forgotten kings works wonder here - damage will be greatly reduced.

When she's alone simply dps her while standing close to your pet, as to avoid it despawning when you are thrown into the air.
When she summons her adds, misdirect and feign death. Once all adds are on your pet, kill them with multi-shot. When she reappears, kill the priests and return to the boss.

Phase 2 is a tank and spank.

Void reaver
Gear: 0/5
Strategy: 1/5

There are two ways to kill him:
With sufficient gear, you won't ever need to heal your ferocity pet (fox works best). In that case, simply tank and spank without avoiding the orbs.

If not, run around him in a large circle.

Gear: 2/5
Strategy: 4/5

Phase 1: Use any pet you wish.
Kill Thaladred and Sanguinar in the southern end of the room, and Capernian as near as possible to her spawn point.
Dps Telonicus to 50%, then wait for his remote toy. If it's on your pet, finish him after putting a frost trap on the cosmic infuser's spawn point. If it's on you, finish him when he's the debuff ends.

Dismiss pet and summon a remote toy- free Tenacity pet. Get ready for phase 2.

Phase 2: Feign death to have all weapons attack your pet. Pop dps cooldowns and kill the melee weapons first (but not the shield), then the cosmic infuser (if the trap failed, kill it first). Then, kill the staff, loot it, equip it and use it. Finish the bow and dps the shield while the advisors haven't rezzed.
If your dps is too low to dps the shield, it can be frost trapped through phases 3,4 and 5.

Phase 3: Misdirect Capernian to your pet. Send your pet on Sanguinar. Run around to avoir Telonicus's bombs and Thaladred's melee hits. Stay 30 yars away from Sanguinar to avoid his fears.
When Capernian uses conflagration on your pet, feign death. Finish her, then kill Sanguinar to get rid of the fears. Thaladred comes next.
If you have time, dps Telonicus. Just prior to his death, or to Kael'thas's activation, dismiss your pet and summon a ferocity one. While between one of the two statues and the wall. Quickly finish telonicus if you can.

Phase 4: Misdirect the boss on your pet, interrupt his fireball, then get out of his line of sight.
He will sometimes yell "obey me" or "bow to my will": if you are in line of sight, you will be MC'd. If not, you will get 30 seconds of dps time, and the possibility to heal your pet (note: if done well, you can put your pet between the northern foot of the statue and the wall, and it may put you in a position where you can heal your pet without being in Kael's line of sight).
Stay within 30 yards of your pet. If you are too far and it's disoriented, feign death to get the boss back on your pet.
When a phoenix spawns, kill him then destroy the egg.
Avoid the 120K damage from the flamestrike.

When Kael'thas uses his shock barrier, he will use 3 pyroblasts in a row, and no MC. Dps him, and use a mend pet just after the third before hiding out of his line of sight.

At 50%, he goes in phase 5.
Phase 5: no MC, dps him as much as you want. When you are in the air, avoid at all costs the violet orbs and their tentacles: they reduce your stats.

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