mardi 17 janvier 2012

Deathbringer saurfang down!

And so I finally brought death to deathbringer saurfang. This was made possible by the fact that death knights cannot use Cleave.

This fight requires you to keep a good 17.7K dps (23K with buff) during 8 minutes while handling adds, pet healing and kiting.
Macro you will need:
-target DS and taunt, and put pet on passive
-target blood beast and use aimed shot
-target BB and use concussive shot
-cast intervene, pet attack DS

Blood power: He will gain 1 blood power each time you are damaged by one of his spells (even if it is absorbed), and each time a blood beast damages you (or your pet!).

Blood beasts: 2 will spawn every 35 seconds (13 spawns total). The easiest way to kill them is to use aimed shot on one, followed by arcane shot or steady shot (if it isn't dead, no matter: remember there's a big DoT if your aimed shot crits); then deal with the other.

For the first 4:30, maximize dps on DS while keeping your pet alive (he Is a Saurfang after all, and dishes out tons of damage).
After he puts mark on blood on you, do as follow:
-chain-taunt with distracting shot
-use intervene before BB spawn
-after 15 seconds, taunt again
The difficulty will reside in killing the beasts quickly enough while running around in all directions. Quickly finish him off.

2 commentaires:

  1. amazing strat Durendil!

    just curious about the taunting/intervening... is this because the pet can't take the amount of damage being dealt or is it a way to re-direct the mark of blood damage to the pet?

  2. Well, 2 things: pet takes crazy damage, and every time he melees your pet, you take damage because of the mark of the fallen champion. So taunting takes care of both problems, and intervene minimizes damage taken when he's meleeing your pet.