dimanche 20 novembre 2011

How to: Naxxramas (2)

Features 3 unusual fights. Luckily, Razuvious is skippable.

Gear: 3/5
Strategy 5/5 (simple, but unforgiving)

Razuvious follows a simple rule: no mistakes.
First, get rid of both adds. Mind Control the first, and go to the wall on the other side (on Gothik's path). Once he's dead, wait for Razuvious to catch up. Pop deterrence, mind control the second add, then get the boss away from you. The add will soon die
Now, summon your pet, and misdirect/FD. Pop shell shield immediatly, before he uses his unbalancing strike. Heal your pet, get at max range, and taunt (distracting shot).

Now, you must juggle the boss between you and your pet. He can one-shot you, or two-shot the pet, if he has no CDs.
The aim is to kite him back and forth. But:
-if you are too far, from your pet, he despawns.
-if you are too far from the boss when he goes back to your pet, he will go out of range for taunting
-if he hits you, it's 30k melee and 150K unbalancing strike.

What I would suggest is tanking him for 6-7 seconds when shell shield is up, to avoid unbalancing strike hitting the hunter. And, allow you to get as close to the boss as you can to avoid despawning/outranging.

Aspect of the cheetah is good if you need to move fast. But disrupting shout and jagged knife will daze you.

It's a rinse and repeat, except that a single error in a 10 minute fight can mean a wipe.

Gear: 3/5
Strategy: 3/5

First thing to remember: Feign Death doesn't work against the adds, and works fine against Gothik. If you think it's a wipe, pop deterrence, dismiss pet (unless pet is dead), then Feign Death. If your pet is alive, they will keep attacking you.

Since the removal of aggresive stance, it's better to stay on one of the sides of the living side and put your pet between you and the gate. Kill what attacks you. At wave 13, the gate will open. Start multi-shotting and misdirecting away, while using dps cooldowns. The fight becomes a bit chaotic, so concentration is the key. Once Gothik comes down, finish all remaining adds then kill him.
WARNING: if you are not in Gothiks' Line of Sight when he teleports, 10 elite adds will spawn.

The Four Horsemen
Gear: 2/5
Strategy: 2/5

Send your first fox on Rivendare while misdirecting Korth'azz on him, then make him attack Blaumeux. After about 20 seconds, make him attack Korth'azz. Meanwhile, kill Zeliek. Remember to use lick your wounds when pet healt is very low.
Once Zeliek is dead, dismiss pet and summon the second fox. Make him tank the two bosses on Zeliek's death point, and kill Blaumeux.
Then dismiss pet, summon turtle and kill the two remaining, starting by Korth'azz.

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